Endang Dhamayantie
Faculty of Economics and Business
Universitas Tanjungpura, Indonesia
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Cooperative conditions in Indonesia are generally still weak, both internal and external conditions. Cooperatives face similiar challenges as business organization. To strengthen cooperative institutions, cooperative performance measurement systems may adopt the performance measurements of business organization in the same industry. One of the measurement systems is balanced scorecard. Cooperatives can implement it as a tool to monitor, measure, and track the alignment of financial and nonfinancial performance. Balanced scorecard makes cooperative business strategy more concrete and measurable. This paper aims to develop indicators of cooperative performance measurement which are relevant and suitable with cooperative characteristics in Kubu Raya District based on four perspective approaches of balanced scorecard. The study is conducted through literature study and interview on cooperative management. This research shows the indicators of cooperative performance measurement based on four perspectives of balanced scorecard which are comprehensive, coherent, balanced, and measurable. Various performance measurement indicators are identified through strategic objectives from four perspectives that describe future conditions. Such conditions can be realized along with some stages used to measure the achievement of strategic objectives.

Keywords: Performance Measurement, Balanced Scorecard, Cooperative.

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