Required IJOI Author Writing Guidelines:

(Follow These Closely Or You Will Be Charged A Fee Of $18/Page For Editing!)

1. Submit only MSWORD..doc files. For Page Setup, use A4 paper with 1.25” margins on all sides. Use Times New Roman size 12 font for all text.  Use .6 and .8 for the Header and Footer.

 2. Use One Column for the Title Page, Tables and Figures, and Two Columns for all Text and References.

 3. do not indent the abstract, and align all text left (looks better with hyphenation)

 4 do not number the headings and sub-headings

 5. do not use bold font for any headings or text.

 6. Put one blank line before and after all headings & sub-headings, and in between each paragraph in the text of the article..

 7. use Title Case for all headings and sub-headings

 8. put a page number on each page in the lower right hand corner including the first page

 9. Do not hyphenate - this will be done in the final publication reformat by the editor

10. indent the paragraphs & references .33"

11. IMPORTANT!! Put each figure and table on a separate page at the end of the article, separated with page breaks. Indicate in the text where the figure and table should be placed in the final review before publication.

12. All submissions must be in .doc format - do not submit .pdf articles

13. For examples of these Author Writing guideoines, see any article published in The Current Issue at the top of the IJOI Home Page.


In order to submit a manuscript for consideration of publication in the journal, read this document first and then follow the instructions closelyYou must include this Cover Page with all submissions!!

1.  You must register with the journal as a User before you can submit an article!  See the link “How to Submit an Article".

2.  Log in to FASTRACK - the IJOI online electronic submission process

3.  Complete the Submission Cover Page Form (see template below). Save the file on your computer.

4.  Prepare one MSWORD .DOC file containing the Submission Cover Sheet, followed by your manuscript. NO OTHER FILE FORMATS WILL BE ACCEPTED!

5.  Submit your manuscript via the "My Submissions" link.

See below for more complete instructions. If you have any questions, please email the Editor for more assistance at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Submission Instructions:

All submissions must include The Submission Cover Page given below. Be certain to include all of the components: (incomplete proposals will be returned to the author). The Cover Page should also include: Any Acknowledgments and agreement with the copyright provisions. 


 Note: Copy & Paste this Submission Cover Page to the front of your article.


Cut Here!





 1.           Title of Article:

 2.          Authors Information

 Full Name:                                        



Email Address:

 (Duplicate step 2. for each Co-author. NOTE: All Correspondence will be via email with the primary author only.  That person, in the case of multiple authors, has the responsibility to convey the information to the others in a timely fashion.   (Primary Authors will be responsible for all notifications to Co-Authors).

 3.           Abstract of the article (Note include the Abstract also on the title page of the article):

4.           KEY WORDS – Please identify 5 key words for your submission for use by search engines:

__________     __________     __________     __________     __________

5.             Acknowledgements here (if any):







The article titled (Put the title of the article here):

 Written By (Put all Authors Names here):

Agrees that all rights, interest in, and to the copyright in this paper, will be retained by the authors with no restrictions. The authors also agree that their article may be reproduced and/or distributed by IJOI.

All articles published in IJOI are subject to the Open Access Policy - This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

This assignment of copyright and open access is made subject to the limitations that the author reserves the right to use all or part of the paper in future works he or she may write or edit. The authors also hereby certify that this paper has not been published elsewhere and that no part of the material is subject to another copyright, except those parts covered by permissions the author has obtained.  Copies of these permissions, if any, are attached.

The Author further certifies that they have checked their submission for Plagiarism using TURNITIN or a similar process.

 Author’s Electronic Signature:

Print Name:





 Note: This statement must be received by the Editor before the manuscript can be accepted for publication.  Address requests for further information to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





  All articles accepted for publication in the Journal will be charged fee(s) to cover the publication, and editing if necessary, costs. Payment of all fees must be received before the submission is published on the Journal website.

  Publication Fee: $45 per published page. (Note: Editors/Reviewers of the Journal get this fee reduced by 50%)

 Editing Services for submissions to the Journal: $18 per edited page

 Editing Services for articles not submitted to the Journal: $25 per page.

Determination of the Number of Pages for Final Payment will be made by the Editor after the submission has been accepted and any revisions based upon the reviewer comments have been received. The final version of the article will then be prepared following the IJOI Author Writing Guidelines and for publication by the Editor - the final number of pages will be based on this final version.

 All submissions to the Journal must follow the Author Writing Guidelines.  The number of pages of the article to be published will be determined by the Editor upon completion of the final review conducted by the journal staff to ensure compliance with all of the Author Writing Guidelines. The number of pages will include: the title page, abstract, all text, graphs, figures and references. The author will receive an invoice from the Editor regarding the total number of pages of the article to be published with the total fee to be paid for publication fees (and editing fees if requested - see below) in the journal. Instructions for payment will be given with the invoice.

 Rewriting, Formatting & Editing Services:

For authors with English as a Second Language, it is often a good idea to have their article edited or rewritten by an editor who has English as their primary language before submission. This increasing the probability of acceptance by the journal.  The journal staff offers this service at a cost of $18/edited page for articles submitted to the IJOI and $25/page for articles to be submitted elsewhere. If the journal conducts this rewrite, the charge will be included on the final invoice.

 Note: If the article does not follow the Author Writing Guidelines, the article will be edited by IJOI Staff and the author will be charged the editing fee.

For more information regarding the publishing and editing service fees, contact the editor at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



All potential Authors MUST REGISTER AND LOG IN AS A USER TO FASTRACK , the Journal's Electronic Publishing System, in order to submit an article for consideration of publication.

 Note: All Articles Must Be In Their Final Format Following The IJOI Author Writing Guidelines & Fully Paid For At Least Five Working Days Before The Date Of The Next Issue In Order To Be Included In That Issue!!


1.     Go to the "log in" by clicking on the "Author/Reviewer Login" link on the left side of this page.

2.     Type in the user name that you will use in the journal from now on.  Use the name that you will use in the journal from now on. The Editor needs to recognize your name. Please set your user name as your last name & first initial (i.e. dembowskif). Select a password that you will use from now on with the journal. Click Login. Note: to add to or change your user information at any time, click on the "user preference" tab once you have logged in.

3.     Select a password that you will use from now on with the journal.

4.     Click login. Note: Once you have logged in, you may add to or change your user information – click on the user preference tab.

5.     To submit a paper to the journal, click on the link entitled: "Click here to submit a document"

6.     You only need to register once - your registration information will be retained by the system.

7.     If you have forgotten your username, password, etc, email the Editor.

Only submit your article once - for redrafts, send your article directly to the Editor:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

The International Journal of Organizational Innovation invites submission of content within its Aims and Scope, especially if empirically rigorous and conceptually original and innovative. Selection of submissions for publication will be based on relevance, clarity, topicality, individuality and interest to academics and practitioners. For more details, see the link entitled “Review Criteria and Review Process".

IJOI conducts reviews on a continual basis. As soon as a submission is received, it is pre-reviewed by the Editor to determine if the content is appropriate for the journal. It is then sent through a Double Blind Peer-Review Process. If selected for publication, authors are notified regarding any changes necessary, as well as the numbers of pages that will be published. Accepted articles are published in the next quarterly issue.

In addition to academic merit, originality and integrity, criteria for selection are that articles are relevant, concise, practical, informative and useful to readers of the Journal. They should address the principal foci of the Journal as stated above. (See the link “Review Criteria and Review Process" for greater detail).  All contributors are required to submit manuscripts directly to the Journal using the FASTRACK electronic submission process described.

 Note: there is a Fee required to publish submissions in this Journal! See the link "Service Fees" for details.



 The Proposal may be submitted AT ANY TIME! Submissions will be reviewed as they are received. Accepted articles will be published in the next scheduled issue. Authors should expect be notified of the results of the review process within 30-60 days of initial receipt.

For directions in submitting an article for consideration of publication, see the link entitled: "Author Writing Guidelines". Follow these closely or you will be charged an additional Editing fee of $18/page!!

Please note that this journal is an online journal only and does not produce printed versions. However, you may print hard copies from the current issue .pdf file found on the journal website when it is published and posted.

 The IJOI editorial/reviewing staff is willing to provide additional help and encouragement. Please do not hesitate to make contact with the Editor, especially if you are unsure whether the content is appropriate for the journal by emailing the Editor at:

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Upon acceptance for publication, the Publisher provides all authors with a letter acknowledging publication. Accepted submissions will not be published until full payment is received and receipted.

Copyright: Copyright of published articles is held by the authors. No limitation will be placed on the personal freedom of authors to copy or to use in subsequent work, material contained in their papers. Authors must complete and submit the Copyright Agreement form before the article can be published (See Submission Cover Page link) The International Journal of Organizational Innovation and its editors and reviewers are not responsible for any copyright infringements in any way.

Author Warranties: By submission of material to the International Journal of Organizational Innovation, all authors warrant that the material is their own, original material or that copyright clearance has been acquired to reproduce other material from employers, third parties or attributed to third parties, and that the material has not been previously published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

It is the responsibility of authors to secure the release of any copyright material and to provide written evidence to this effect to the Editor. It is also the author's responsibility to obtain clearance for reproduction from the organization which commissioned the work if applicable.

 By submitting material to IJOI, all authors agree to indemnify the journal and its heirs and assigns in business, against any litigation or claims that may arise from the publication, content or opinions in the article.

On acceptance for publication, authors will be sent an email requesting that the submission be revised based upon the suggesting of the reviewers. Either send the revised submission back to the Editor or send an email stating that there are no changes. If editing assistance is desired, request that the IJOI Staff edit the submission. Upon final review, the authors will be sent an invoice for payment of the publication fee based upon the final number of pages to be published and the editing fee if an edit is conducted by IJOI Staff. The Editor reserves the right to make editing corrections.










  The International Journal of Organizational Innovation


Aims and Scope


The International Journal of Organizational Innovation (ISSN: 1943-1813) is an interdisciplinary international peer-reviewed journal with timely publication of a wide variety of research, scholarship, educational and practitioner perspectives on management & organizational-related themes and topics. It aims to provide a global perspective on management and organization of benefit to scholars, educators, students, practitioners, policy-makers and consultants. Some of the primary features of the journal include:

  • Major established journal in organization innovation & technology
  • Global Reach & Distribution
  • High profile international editorial board
  • Published Quantitative & Qualitative Research, Literature Reviews and Case Study  articles
  • Continuous submission and quarterly publication
  • Timely (FAST) double blind peer review process


The Topics in the IJOI knowledge base include the following innovation related domains:

Historical/Philosophical Foundations of Organizational Studies 

Planning & Innovation 

Organizational Development & Systems Analysis 

Organizational Change & Quality Management 

Management & Leadership 

Financial Management, Business & Accounting 

Human Resources Management 

Public Relations, Marketing & Advertising 

Organizational/Leadership/Management Education & Preparation Programs 

Controls, Evaluation & Assessment 

Technology, IT & Engineering

International Commerce & Law

 The Journal Accepts a Wide Variety of Content Types including:

1.     Annotated literature reviews

2.     Articles on research, key ideas and theories

3.     Articles of Best Practices

4.     Case studies, Simulations, Multimedia Materials

5.     Performance assessments (evaluation items)

6.     Practitioner stories

7.     Instructional modules

Original submissions which inform innovation related research and practice from outside the discipline – such as from psychology, education, political science, sociology, statistics and research design, including both the sciences and social sciences, are also welcome. 


IJOI is issued Quarterly on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.



 Note: If you are an Editor, Associate Editor or Assistant Editor/Reviewer of the Journal, you may have an article published in the Journal at 50% of the normal publication fee of $40.00/page ($20/page).  Editing fees, if needed,  are not reduced 50%.

 All articles have to follow author guidelines and have to be approved for publication through the peer review process of the journal. 

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