Quoc Huynh Le

Department of Business Administration, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

Kai-Ping Huang*

Department of Business Administration, Social Enterprise Research Center, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

Corresponding author: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Due to globalization, companies have many channels to distribute their products around the world, and consumers also have the opportunity to choose products from different countries. In foreign markets, the country of origin image of the product will influence the international market's strategy for imported products and consumers' cognition. Besides, it is believed that when consumers evaluate a product, they often determine the product value with subjective consciousness. Therefore, the impression of consumers on the country of origin image is an important clue when consumers evaluate the product value, which will affect consumers' evaluation of the product or brand in that country. It can be seen that the country of origin image plays a significant role in the consumer's purchase process. Based on the literature review, this study postulated that the country of origin image of products, consumer curiosity, social media involvement, and product price have a positive impact on consumers’ purchase intention for foreign new products.

Keywords: Country of Origin Image of New Products, Consumer Curiosity, Social Media Involvement, Product Price, Consumer Purchase Intention

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