Wei-Hsiung Chang

Associate Professor, Department of Tourism Management,

Nanhua University

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Recently, e-tourism has been notable for the travel industry around the world. This paper aims to specify and structuralize the appropriate mechanism of keyword editors in online tourism information databases. Also, the appropriate mechanism is constructed for being utilized by tourists and it can be significant for the tourism industry businesses. Our results reveal that the digital tourism industry keyword editing designer (referred to as “mechanism designer”) uses the traces of the tourism industry’s online keyword library to show the relevance of various chapters and subsections to automatically adjust the standpoint based on the requirements of the tourists. Furthermore, the order of arrangement is adjusted after revision and reprint; the chapter layout is automatically corrected before the first edition, according to the keywords of the basic content provided by the original product supplier (tourism businesses), and the original chapter layout is tracked, according to the trajectories left by the tourists after reading the previous edition. Accordingly, the statements and perspectives interpreted above may be applied and utilized as the main editing mechanisms for automatic editing of online tourism information databases in the travel industry.

Key words: Online Tourism Databases, E-Tourism, E-Commerce, Travel Industry

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