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Jiangxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China

 Southeast Bangkok College, Bangkok, Thailand

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Professor Jack A. Chen

Southeast Bangkok College, Bangkok, Thailand

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This study aims to discuss the strategy and prospect of building decoration technology talents in urban and rural construction colleges under the background of the current national support for rural revitalization. 

The study was implemented in a case study of the first year class of architectural decoration technology in a college of 2021 in Jiangxi Province. With 41 students in this grade as the research object, after 4 weeks of experimental teaching, questionnaires were set up to discuss the teaching content, teaching experience and other issues, and for the students' learning situation and after-class evaluation of the course. Using a comprehensive literature analysis method, case analysis method and experience summary method to speculate, using SPSS software analysis to determine the nature of the problem. 

The research found that the concept and model construction of design thinking can not only stimulate students 'interest and innovation potential, but also be easier for students to master the basic knowledge and skills of the course, and give full play to students' subjective initiative, so as to facilitate students to have a deeper understanding of the future career planning. 

The research conclusion shows an overall comprehensive view of higher vocational students on learning courses related to architectural decoration technology. It puts forward methods and selection paths to optimize teaching effect, improve teaching quality from accurate curriculum positioning and other aspects, which has important practical and theoretical significance for improving the cultivation quality of architectural decoration professionals in higher vocational colleges.

Although this study verifies its operability and practicability, since the major is introduced for the first year of the school, the research results may be limited. It is expected to continue to get useful conclusions conducive to the development of the curriculum in future research. 

Keywords: higher vocational education, design thinking, architectural decoration technical talent cultivation, strategy


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