Todor Nikolov
Geological Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
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"And do not run away from anything,
because the Earth is round
and there is nowhere to escape."
Petar Karaangov – Bulgarian poet



According to many political analysts fear has become an integral part of the present day political processes. The dynamics of nowadays development and the flow of negative information which pervades society require that scientists, devoted to their studies, spend adequate time for making their scientific results popular, for fighting against pseudo-science, for explaining the regional and global problems which our society faces today.

The present-day era is totally different from the previous stages of humankind history. The main characteristic features of the present day are at least four: the dynamic development of science and technologies, the existence of weapons of mass destruction, the horrifying environmental pollution and growth in population. All these characteristic features of the present have a global character. In the time of globalization people should unite because they have a common destiny on Earth – the co-existence or non-existence. Global problems require global responsibilities. It is scientists who should be among the first to form new horizons for humankind.

GLOBAL WARMING is considered to be the cornerstone of this series of threats. Everyone who opposes the idea of global warming will be anathematized. But it is actually part of global climate fluctuations in Earth's history. Climate in the history of the planet has shown cyclic oscillations, alternating warm and cold episodes of different duration. This natural tendency is enhanced by the intense pollution of environment and atmosphere, having to do with human activity.

Today man is looking at other planets. These dreams are natural because dreams have always pushed mankind to new horizons. But remember past evolution. New worlds can be conquered by new species. One can land on other planets but cannot absorb them. On the way to outer space, a new man can be born - a species different from Homo sapiens. This is the law of evolution - new worlds can be studied only by creatures with a "new construction" - an integral intellect that will bring hereditary features from their ancestors but will be formed under the influence of the factors of the new habitations.

Keywords: Fear, Catastrophic Events, Global Warming, Modern Threats Facing Humanity, Flights To Other Planets.

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