Note: Authors retain full copyright to their article without restriction. However, besides publishing & distributing articles on the IJOI Website, The International Journal of Organizational Innovation also distributes every issue to the following databases and distribution services. IJOI is continually requesting to be listed in other databases.


IJOI is included in the ProQuest Research Library, which features a highly respected, diversified mix of scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines, and newspapers. This combination of general reference volume and scope makes it one of the broadest, most inclusive general reference databases ProQuest has to offer. For more information, see:

 The journal has also been selected for inclusion in the ProQuest Discovery database, and is also included in the ProQuest ABI/INFORM Global database.

 Besides ProQuest, The International Journal of Organizational Innovation is also included in the following databases, indexes and listings:

 EI/INSPEC INSPEC is one of the databases provided by the Engineering Village. It is a relatively new database for EI, focusing on open access, online journals. Note: INSPEC only includes articles that are Engineering related only! For more information, See

 The EBSCO Business Source Complete - Journals & Magazines 

 IJOI articles are loaded on EBSCO's primary business database, Business Source Complete. This link should help find the context of where the IJOI articles are included. 

 See their Web Site:

CABELL'S - The International Journal of Organizational Innovation has also been accepted for inclusion in the next Edition of Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management. For details, see:

AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS DEAN'S COUNCIL - Listing of Business Journals of Excellence (New – 2013)

J-GATE INDEX – Infomatics India (New – 2013)

The American Economic Association in their Journal of Economic Literature, Annotated Listing of New Books and Journals, Print ISSN: 0022-0515, Volume: 47 | Issue: one, Cover date: March 2009, Page(s): 219-297. 

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