Jyh-Bin Suen
Assistant Professor, Department of Digital Media Design
I-Shou University, Taiwan, R.O.C.
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The emergence of augmented reality (AR) technology has gained a large amount of attention in the Industry 4.0. AR App design is a new methodology in training and learning. We proposed the cloud-based AR App and machine learning in smartphone. The objective of this research is to develop cloud-based AR system for interactive AR training and machine vision applications. We adapt cloud service APIs, ARkit design method and machine vision in this research. First, we implement the cloud-based AR App using ARkit and cloud APIs. We build AR solar cell panel inspection App using machine vision algorithms. The research results demonstrate the effectiveness of proposal cloud-based AR system. In conclusion, the proposal AR system and machine learning could provide innovative framework in Industry 4.0 applications. Research results also could be useful for AR researches in user interactions and simulations.

Keywords: Technology, Augmented Reality (AR), Cloud Services, Multimedia Design, Smart Learning Applications, Machine Learning, Industrial competitiveness

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