Feng-Yi Chang
The Department of Graduate Institute of National Development and
Mainland China Studies, Chinese Culture University
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In the last ten years, it is very popular to visit a rural village to experience agriculture in Taiwan, and the content is very diversified and abundant, such as fruiting picking, DIY, going for an outing, tasting local food, experiencing being a farmer; all of which are parts of agriculture experience activity. The activity can not only make people living in cities closer to rural villages, but also bring about a lot of business opportunity and consumers. Thus, it is currently very popular for the governments and communities of many zones to conduct agriculture experience activities. The study uses the framework of the theory of planned behavior to investigate which factors influence people to participate agriculture experience activities in order to try to understand the psychological decision-making process and motivations of people and provide our research results for the governments and communities as reference. The research results show AT, SN and PBC will positively influence BI, where SN has the largest influence. The study also further discusses our research results and provide our suggestions.

Keywords: Management, Leisure Agriculture, Theory Of Planned Behavior, Experience Activity

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