Hsiao- Chi Ling

Kainan University

Associate Professor

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Chiao Chao

Fu Jen Catholic University 

Department of Psychology

Doctoral Student

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The purpose of this study is to use the model of service quality concepts to evaluate the service qualities of "community health centers” in order to find out the service quality gaps and thus reinforce the competitive edge. This study took Datong District Health Centre in Taipei city as theresearch object and performed a questionnaire survey with internal and external customers. In terms of internal customers (service staff), 50 employees participated and a total number of 50 effective questionnaires were returned. In terms of external customers, convenience sampling was adopted to collect the questionnaires, 679 answered questionnaires were returned, effective copies being 667. The research tool was the questionnaire that was designed mainly on the basis of SERVQUAL (the scale of service quality determinants) and with reference to the practical data of service process during its implementation at subject service departments. The findings included the conclusions such as "there exists significant effect between service quality and customer satisfaction”, “the biggest difference among service qualities is service performance gap (GAP3), showing that there is still a room for improvement regarding the service provided at the health centre” and “different demographic variables have significant effects on customer satisfactions, e.g. higher age groups, lower education level and jobless people have lower satisfaction on the service received”. The research result can be provided to relevant organisations as a reference for improvement. 

Keywords:service quality, community health centre, PZB quality theory

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