Chia-Yun Tsai

Department of Business Administration, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

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The purpose of this study is to explore is to explore how big five personality traits affect the entrepreneurial willingness of college students who graduated recently in Taiwan. Although previous studies in the literature have pointed out the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and which characteristics are more likely to promote the success of entrepreneurs, the research objects are mostly limited to industry professionals. However, little is known about the relevant research on the entrepreneurial willingness of college students after graduation. Similarly, few studies have explicitly investigated which dimensions of big five personality traits significantly influence social networks or the extent of such influence.

This research solved the above problems and proposes a framework that empirically examines the path-dependent effects of big five personality traits, social networks and resource acquisition on the entrepreneurial willingness of college students. This research was conducted with a quantitative approach. The main research object of this research is college students who are about to graduate in Taiwan. A total of 213 valid questionnaires were collected. The empirical analysis was conducted using SPSS version 26 with Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), reliability analysis and correlation analysis. The impact of personality traits on entrepreneurial willingness on students was analyzed using AMOS 24 for structural equation analysis. Based on the empirical results of this study, the significant factors were evaluated, and reliable results were provided for each factor. The result of this study indicates that the personality traits have a significant effect on entrepreneurial willingness. Finally, in this study, the research limitations and future research directions are also explained for future researchers as research directions for more comprehensive research.

Keywords: Personality Traits, Emotional Quotient, Social Network, Trust Building, Resource Acquisition, Entrepreneurial Willingness


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