Hui-Yi Chen

Department of Business Administration, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

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The purpose of this research is to explore the influence of brand awareness on purchase intention in fast fashion clothing, survey the marketing strategies of clothing brands on products, recognize the consumer orientation between brands and products, and to examine the relationship of influence by adding three mediators: brand image, perceived quality, and product evaluation.

As time goes by, most modern consumers pursue the characteristics of fast, fashionable, and affordable. The "fast fashion" business model has been created under the condition of constant innovation. Significantly, clothing has gradually become a way of expressing and expressing themselves, consumers follow popular indicators to purchase new products. To enhance consumers' desire to shop, brand stores continue to introduce new products to attract customers. However, previous research has demonstrated that the part of fashion that can be extended to personal needs is still insufficient, including consumer requirements for product quality, price, and wear reliability. Hence, through different cognition, consumers' shopping intention can be understood.

This research provides relevant information about the significance of brand awareness to the management of fast fashion clothing enterprises. The main survey subjects of this research are the consumers of Generation Y and Generation Z, and the survey was conducted through questionnaires. Regarding samples, a total of 303 samples was collected, and the number after removing invalid samples was 283. SPSS-26 and AMOS-24 were used to analyze the differences and correlations among variables and whether the observation results were significant. The results indicate that all the four hypotheses have a positive relationship, which confirms that fast fashion brand awareness has a partial mediating effect on purchase intention.

Keywords: Fast Fashion, Brand Awareness, Brand Image, Perceived Quality, Product Evaluation, Purchase Intention


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