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2010 Board Of Editors 4
Intercultural Communication Challenges And Multinational Organization 6
Communication - Dr. Pranee Chitakornkijsil
Innovation In Education:  So What Else Is New? Reaching The Individual  21
Student - Dr. Valerie Maxwell
Managing Innovation: A Typology Of Theories And Practice-Based 35
Implications For New Zealand Firms - Anton De Waal, Alex Maritz
and Chich Jen Shieh
Knowledge Sourcing Behavior: A Theoretical Model Based On Knowledge  58
Base And Network Relationship Perspectives - Chien-Hsiung Lin
The Role Of Work, Satisfaction, Achievement And Self-Realization - 70
Ching-Hsiang Liu
A Study On Relationships Between Principal’s Transformational Leadership  80
And Physical Education Teachers’ Teaching Performance In Taipei
Elementary Schools - Weiyang Huang and Chinglung Hsieh
Disaster And Risk Management In A Global World - 97
Dr. Pranee Chitakornkijsil
A Study On The Differences In Image Memory And Preference Between  114
Male And Female Visual Cognition - Shou-Fang Liu, An-Sheng Lee,
Jenn-Yang Lin, Yo-Wen Liang and Wen-Ching Su
Negotiating With The Chinese And Emerging Domestic Competition - 129
Dr. Pranee Chitakornkijsil
An Analysis Of Essential Competencies Of Hotel First Level Supervisors -  140
Peir-Yuan Patrick Li and Fu-Jin Wang
Risk And Uncertainty Of Enterprise During Dynamic Environmental 162
Changes - Dr. Pranee Chitakornkijsil
Theory And Practice Of Residential Areas’ Street Configuration And Burglary  178
Vulnerability: A Review Of The Literature - Massoomeh Hedayati Marzbali,
Dr. Aldrin Abdullah and Mohammad Javad Maghsoodi Tilaki
Research On Tv Advertising Effectiveness Of The Taiwan Super Basketball  199
League - Li-Yun Chan, Maw-Song Su and Chi-Ming Huang
Broad Perspective And Framework Of Quality Of Work Life - 214
Dr. Pranee Chitakornkijsil
A Study Of Taiwanese College Teachers’ Acceptance Of Distance Learning -  243
Chih-Hsing Wang, Wen-Liang Liu, Meng-Chun Tseng and Hung-Sung Tsai
The Influence Of Knowledge Workers On Occupational Commitment - 262
Chih-Chung Chen, Yao-Sheng Hsu, Feng-Cheng Tung and Ming Shing Lee
Bureaucrat, Support And Innovation Promote Interpersonal Relationship  286
In Organization - Hung-Wen Lee
From Successful Innovation To Market Profitability - Yun Ken and 294
Tung-Yu Tsai
Enterprise Risk Management - Dr. Pranee Chitakornkijsil 310
An Enquiry Into “Hollowing Out Effects” In Home Exports, Technology 339
Innovation, And Employment: A Study Of Taiwanese Enterprises To China -
Ting Ling Lin, Wen Chung Hsu, Hsin Mei Lin and Ching I Chen
The Study On The Relationship Among Experiential Marketing, Service  353
Quality, Customer Satisfaction And Customer Loyalty - Ming-Shing Lee,
Huey-Der Hsiao, Ming-Fen Yang
The Internationalization Of Human Resource Management In The Host  380
Nation Context & Strategic Approach Of IHRM - Dr. Pranee Chitakornkijsil
A Graph-Based Approach For Mining Closed Large Itemsets - 402
Lee-Wen Huang and Ye-In Chang
A Fit Perspective: A Critical Factor To Communication Marketing - 417
Dong-Jenn Yang, Chen-Yin Liu, Hsiung-Peng Huang and Shu-Wan Yang
A Study Of The Application Of The Koch Curve And Fuzzy Theory 439
On The Computer Aided Design Of Furniture - An-Sheng Lee



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