Liu, Ying-Yen

Chang Jung Christian University, Ph.D.

in Business and Operation Management,

Doctoral Researcher of California State University


During this research process, we developed unique research methods for the enterprises to provide details on the definition of project management. Project management styles vary in each business operation. The contribution of professional project management assures the enterprise’s value and success of project plans. Enterprise service marketing is executed to achieve performance and present an overview, making it easy for customers to understand.

Therefore, the combination of core products, supply services, and transmission processes has become the defining factor of commercialization. Investments are made to build the brand so that educated decisions can be made regarding the brand and high standards can be set to monitor production and progress, with the goal being the creation of brand equity. This research studies and analyzes how a brand can become unique and subsequently accumulate substantial value and create industries while showing sincerity in the marketplace to obtain customer recognition and trust which in turn improves the sales performance.

Keywords: brand equity, project management, differentiation, competitive advantage, brand strategy, brand image

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