Yi-Chun Kuo

Department of Interior Design in Shu-Te University, Assistant Professor

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Virtual Reality Report expects virtual reality and augmented reality to be a USD 65 billion global market by 2024 (Kostyk & Sheng, 2023). At present, there are numerous virtual reality hardware brands in the Unites States, Europe and China. Taiwan needs to strengthen its competitiveness in software and related applications in the fields of video games, healthcare, video entertainment, and real estate. Empirical researches focusing on virtual reality, such as Jin et al. (2021), and Han, Kim & An (2023), proved that virtual reality can strengthen consumers’ presence and interactivity with vendors, and help enhancing their consuming behaviors. Therefore, industries such as education, retail, special services, and healthcare have witnessed continuous investments in virtual reality and augmented reality over the next five years (Han, Kim & An, 2023). These are also the most important sectors to be focused on for virtual reality development in Taiwan. In view of the intense investment boom in the virtual reality market, as well as the on-going demand of consumers for more innovative virtual reality contents and equipment, it is necessary to understand more about the consumers’ views on and the degree of their satisfaction in virtual reality software and hardware, so as to analyze the aspects for the company to improve or strengthen based on market demand, and to maintain the leading position in the hugely competitive market. This study used focus group and questionnaires to collect consumer views on and satisfaction in the service quality of a Taiwanese virtual reality company. The results showed that, virtual reality service quality positively influences satisfaction and willingness to purchase, and degree of satisfaction influences willingness to purchase. The survey also obtained the prices that consumers are willing to pay for the virtual reality experience, and the different feelings before and after the experience. Finally, it proposed suggestions for companies to provide virtual reality experience. 

Keywords: Virtual reality (VR), Service Quality, Satisfaction

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