Explore Corporate Development and Organizational Change - The Pacific Sogo Department Store Merger and Acquisition Case

Dr. Liu Ying-Yen

Chang Jung Christian University,

Ph. D. in Business and Operation Management, Taiwan Empresarial Commercial University Ph. D. in Leisure Management, Costa Roca

Doctoral Research, California State University

Liu Ying-Yen Studio

Studio Principal

(Academic Research, and Business Management Consultant)


Organizational development is the strategic management of the reorganization of a business, which is a combination of knowledge and practice to assist the organization improve its business model and management policy. Through case analysis, this research provides an accurate measurement according to the analytic hierarchy process (AHP), explaining that in order to expand the scope and achieve the goals of internal organization and external merger through a merger and acquisition plan, the enterprise group has to formulate a business model to integrate the new organization, obtain various resources and technology extension, and establish new value and vision. This research will provide to academic and related units for practical application. 

 Key words: Merger and Acquisition (M&A), Integration, Organizational Change, Industrial Structure, Business Model, Competitive Advantage 

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